22 September, 2009


I fall a lot these days,
I cut through the sharp air
And see the speeding land,
Rushing fiercely to meet me.

I fall into an empty space,
It 'seems' like a bottomless well.
And the darkness envelops to
Possess totally the body, mind and soul.

I fall repeatedly,
Down never ending stairs,
Over abruptly-edged cliffs
And right into sudden confusion.

I fight and fight - a long drawn one
Till my energy gives way
And then I meet Peace
And I keep falling.

I do not want this to end.
I need to keep falling,
I do not want to reach stable ground,
Because that would mean - The End.

The force of wind hits me,
And I wish to be One with it.
I want to mingle with nothingness
So that I could feel numb.

Numb to all the viciousness.
Numb to sense and foolishness.
Numb to demands and expectations
Numb to being Myself.


  1. hey thats really deep..nice venice!!

  2. Great plunge in the realms of poetry.
    Keep up the good work Venice.


  3. Excellent stuff! Keep penning such beautiful poems. Following you!

  4. @ Chatterbox: Will keep penning down poems.. :) Thanks !

  5. @ Meg: hey Meg... thanks a lot !!

  6. @ N J: Hi NJ - It feels good to have people drop in their feedback... Thank You !

  7. me 2 kpt fallin... lol...
    truely spoken: "I do not want to reach stable ground,/Because that would mean - The End"
    cheers... kp writing....

  8. Hey littleWriter (Anunoy).. :) hope you didn't damage any body parts while falling :D

  9. i really like this alot.. but i got a little confused with the end" numb to beeing myself" that means ..? u want to be numb to beeing urself and remain in the state of confusion?

  10. @ Raji: Hey Raji, nice to have you here!! As for the end... it's more like saying that, I want to be numb to myself, so that I wouldn't be able to connect emotionally to anything in life... In fact, I'm trying to run away from the confusion and chaos which is rampaging in me. - Really loved being asked a question :) keep those questions flowing Raji! See you :)


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