10 June, 2009

The Individual

Everyone needs someone in their life. At any given stage of life, people need the security of having someone next to them. Most individuals deep in their hearts like to have someone to lean on. No one can stay alone for long except if they are stranded all alone in a deserted spot. Even then they will make a friend out of anything that comes their way be it living or non-living.

Of course, most people now-a-days with their busy schedules and professional commitments would say that they love their independence, but at the end of the day, they need someone who will listen to them, who would be there for them so that they can ease the tiredness and stress of the individual.

It just feels extremely good to come home after a hard day at work to someone who greets you warmly, who keeps your dinner ready and who listens to your day’s events without interrupting except for maybe sympathising with you about a particular topic... you feel secure in the knowledge that there is someone who is just there – there for you - to love you, to listen to you and to understand you. When there is someone for you, it evokes in you an ecstatic feeling that transports you to a heavenly level which makes you want to hold onto it for infinity.

Once you know that there is someone for you in this world and in your life... you in a vague way feel complete. The emptiness in your life seems to dissolve and meaning seems to bloom in your life. The satisfaction that brims up in your heart makes you feel so very special. It’s lovely to feel that you are someone in someone’s life.

There are instances when you feel that you are better off alone...and there are times when your heart tugs to have a companion... When there is someone just for you ... the heart warming feeling you experience cannot be explained by mere words on this page here... the feeling transcends all languages except perhaps, the language of the heart !


  1. Venice, I so completely agree!
    I need to be around people, I go crazy otherwise!
    I stay by myself in Delhi, and going home every night to an empty flat is possible one of the worst feelings in the world!

  2. @ Pranav: Hey, its really nice to see you here... and yeah, its kinda depressing to return to an empty house with no one to greet you... sigh, well this is life !
    do you have a blog? would like to read your write ups..

  3. Nice article Veni and it’s one of the hard truths of life.

    We all yearn for a constant companion, someone to guide us through the difficult times.

    But this isn’t always possible because there are phases in one’s life when one has to travel the rugged path all alone and brave the elements and obstacles along the way.

    But God is always with us and his presence alone can bring back the warmth, love and affection that we need.
    He is our best friend and you can talk and tell him whatever you want too. He’s a patient listener and he’ll make you feel special.
    The medium to communicate to him is through prayer.

    Trust in him and in the words of the famous anthem of Liverpool FC – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.


  4. Everyone needs their late night phone call :)

  5. @ Nige: Nicely said Nige! It's true that there are times when you have to walk alone and sometimes you don't even mind being by yourself. But then, human beings are social animals, as the line goes, and we do love to have support, understanding and love at certain points of our lives. Thanks for coming by... and sharing Liverpool FC's anthem!! :)

  6. @ Kanishk: :D Haahaaa, yup, every-now-and-then we do need that long chat with a loved one!


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