03 June, 2009


There are times when you sit vacantly gazing at the dusty ceiling... your mind is blank and you are unaware of your surroundings. The mind and heart seem so disconnected. Your mind tells you one thing and your heart narrates to you another thing. You try to grasp at some meaning or decision but you fail to because you are uncertain about listening to your mind more than your heart.

Why does it happen sometimes, that you have no idea why you feel a certain emotion? You are just clueless about the tears that cascade down your cheeks...the tears splash on your hands and you look at them wondering why they have been let out from the deep recesses. Those tears seem to come straight from the heart though you know for a fact that they come from your eyes... It seems like there is some connection.

Even so, your mind refuses you to acknowledge the circumstances at times. The mind can turn an angelic being into the cruelest monster by playing mind games and by tricking the heart into believing in false ideas. Where do you go from there? The heart seems so fragile and delicate... you want to protect it from harm... but what if your mind is the destroyer of your heart and you do not realize it?

You seem to drift away from yourself... Your mind is its own and your heart yearns for security. You try to create a balance; you have to trudge up the brittle slope to bridge the yawning gap between your heart and mind.

The journey seems tedious, you hurt yourself a million times in the process, the wounds seem to be deep and yet you push on... you ascend to that altitude and you see that all you have to do is – Believe in Yourself.

The connection between heart and mind has always been there. If you want to be aware of the connections’ existence just Believe in Yourself.


  1. apt title...'yawning gap' is a crisp word.

  2. Good stuff... Well organized

  3. @ Sujay: had read this 'yawning gap' phrase in a book and felt it would suit this particular line quite well. :)

  4. @ Bong's Blog: Thank you - feels good to get feedback!


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