25 May, 2009

Boredom, Thou is a Burden

Staying alone in a 20*11 feet room for a week can turn anyone into a raving lunatic. During the past week that crawled by slower than a tortoise, I was affected so badly from this torturous period that I suffered from Short-term memory loss. Oh, the agony of going to fetch something from the cupboard only to stand dumbly before it wondering what in the world I had to get from it was exruciatingly mind spooking...

Limited communication with fellow humans drove me to considering if I had a dead voice box...I also felt that I was in solitary confinement having only the walls and floor for company, if you could call the non-living 'company'...

However, while I was under this slow death experience, I realised how torturing it must be for the prisoners who are subjected to being confined to a room for months with no contact with the outside world. It is a punishment for them I know, but the atmosphere and environment would probably escort them through an unforgettable experience which could give the gallows a run for its money... Living away from humans, no contact for days together, having no one to turn to, losing count of the hundred times it takes to just cross a minute... wild thoughts creep into the mind, dramatic images invade the mind stealing precious hours of sleep as you lay there petrified of the next thought or vision...you feel bound, helpless against the confinement - confinement of your own mind more than anthing else.

You want to break free, you want to feel the tender air again, you want to feel the touch of humans again, you want to experience the feeling of being one among the rest...you want to just be there and feel alive !

I believe we can unshackle our restrictive minds by just concentrating on the things that provide us with utmost happiness. If we focus on something that would bring pleasant memories to mind, I feel we will be able to get out of that seemingly dark phase and will be able to envision sunrays surrounding us with its warmth !!


  1. Wel narrated...if that dint happen 2 me, i wud'nt hav touched photography n may hav never blogged!

  2. Hi Sujay, Thanks for the encouraging comment.It was really nice of you to drop in.. :)

  3. Venice, I make sure to share my thoughts venever I visit a page...hope u'll enjoy my posts!

  4. Hmmm I can relate to that since I have been there done that..don't worry things get better...they always do!


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