19 March, 2009

The New Shift

Well, its been a long time since I last wrote... life was pretty busy... what with college ending, sitting for job interviews...and waiting to get placed somewhere. Once I got placed, then... I got busy because of work and travelling to and from work !! It's a tiring process but it doesn't matter much because I'm happy at my workplace... I get to learn so many new things each day.. plus I get to do work and I just enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a duty assigned to me.

My workplace is really good... the people are great... they guide me and teach me all that I need to know about my work. They assign me tasks and are very helping. On the lighter side, I get to drink free coffee and I get to access the net when I'm in office !!! That's pretty cool... and of course, I look forward to lunch hour because I get to watch the television then !! What more could one ask for?

Soon, we''ll be shifting to our new office...that's gonna be AWESOME !! I miss college...but I like working too.. Its a nice shift... I always wanted to join an office and work.. I've finally got my chance !!