15 January, 2009

The Good Thorns

There is so much to learn in life... i feel that we get to learn the most when we are surrounded by unpleasant situations...cuz its mostly at such times when we get to know our true CHARACTERS.

It is extremely tough at that time...to go through the pain of it all... but if we don't go through such experiences.. our life would stagnate... 

Sometimes, we avoid reality because we feel that we don't have the strength to face it... but if we learn to face reality, if we learn to face our weak areas, if we learn to confront our flaws and graciously admit our faults, life will be real.

Most of us escape from facing our true selves because it's not as nice as our fake identities are.
It differs from person to person... I'm learning to gradually face my true self. it's not so good as I thought it would be... but what the hell.. at least I'm learning more about my inner self.
Its kind of challenging and slightly difficult to accept your true self because... you've been conditioned to have other identities given to you by other people in your life. Some of us  ignore our faults, others may push them away while a few may try to overcome their weak areas by working on them.

Our life is like a road... we come across flowers and we also come across thorns. The flowers are quite temporary... but if you go near the thorns, you may get pricked, bruised and hurt.. but when you pass through those thorns, you will be more aware of how to go through the toughness of life and you will know how tough you are from - the Inside.


  1. To expect a thorn-less road is akin to a mirage in the desert.
    The easier way is to accept there will be failures, there will be hurt, there will disappointment - but the key is to keep moving. the key is to move on in life irrespective of the ups or downs.

  2. @ Gyanban: You amaze me every time! I love reading your comments because they are filled with sense and simple logic!

  3. Nice post!

    It reminded me of Hitler's Words

    " I Embrace my failiures over Victory, for the failiure made me taought me more that what Victory did! "

    You've picturized it well !

  4. There is nothing like the satisfaction of being seen for who you are and not having to constantly live up to the perceived notion of what you are. :) nice post. I like the title the best

  5. Thorns hurt, they make you bleed, they make you cry...but you cant stop there, the thorns need to removed and once removed life teaches you how to stay away from thorns...Its part of life and may be thorns can be identified as an ingredient in the phenomena called experience....Nice thought venice, thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hmmm..Thats a very difficult thing to do actually, accept the weak sides of our personality..But then your sub conscience trains you to avoid things where you might falter, and also conditions you to get over failures with time. Nice deep post :-)

  7. @ JK: Hitler did put it quite well in that line. Keep sharing quotes and lines... it's always great to read new thoughts/ideas or phrases!

    @ Journomuse: Quite true, you feel so light when you stop putting up a facade when with people! It's quite a burden to do that. Thankoo for liking the title [beeg Smile] :) :)

    I felt people mostly give a negative connotation to 'thorns' and felt a positive adjective would help people understand that supposedly 'bad' things can be 'good' too.

  8. @ Witty Jester: Hey! Nice to see you here!! Thank you.. :) I simply love reading your hilarious posts!! Keep writing dude!

    @ Anto: Well Said!!

  9. @ BullsEye: It does seem difficult to accept ones' faults and wrongs but if you love yourself enough, you will do anything to correct those flaws. It's all in the mind!

  10. Very Rightly said !
    If everything is going well its very hard to learn in that state, as soon as a problem arises your true character comes in front of you.

  11. @ Abhishek: Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Keep popping in :)


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