24 January, 2009


There are times when i feel seperated from the world i live in. This world has invisible walls which make me feel trapped at times. I feel like breaking through it then, i try to find ways to escape and i wish that i could be far away from the restrictions the world imposes on me...
I then realise, that in the end, I'm the one responsible for all that i feel and think. The outer element may just influence my thoughts but what i conclude from those 'influences' is upto me and is in my control.
Do i have the right then to blame the world? Or why should i blame anything at all? Just because i am confused doesn't mean that i can find fault with other things...

Fault finding is universal.. because we start seeing faults with ourselves and then this gradually extends to the outside world too... It then comes back to where it started from... It's a total cycle, we aren't even aware of this fact half the time.

If we start instead with accepting ourselves the way we are, just imagine - the world would be truly real. I know, i know - most would say that 'we already can see the real world', but this so called 'real' world seems 'fake.' This is why people aren't satisfied with the world.. they know that it is fake but they refuse to accept the truth.

However, the world with its zillions of people continue to progress - quite unhappily... Lets see how long this goes on.. There will be a change sometime soon... People will begin accepting things for what they are and will stop being self-blinded individuals.


  1. It's a really interesting thought-process you have going on here. The evolution from a diatribe on social/worldly restrictions to a realization on a personal level that all that really matters is what YOU think - as an individual,free from the external persuasions - and then onto a generalization of the issue (universal, as you say). You end on a unconvinced note, mildly enlightened by your ruminations but hardly daring to believe it will take ground or even be noticed.

    I think this is a really good idea to pen down your thoughts, cause growing up is hard to do and it truly does best to document it well. I believe you are working on your writing skills as well; remember some of the best stories in the world are born out of real-life experiences. Don't let this time in your life go to waste and i wish you the best of luck and goodwill as you set out on your self-driven expedition.

  2. I believe people rather be happy then know/accept the truth. Some of us do strive for reality and pay the price too. What I feel is that when we're young we truly believe that we can do 'Anything' and that the world is full of problems and incompetent people. As we grow up we start to discover our own shortcomings and that I believe leads us to believe in false identities which are only there to feed our ego.

  3. @Ren: Always love listening to what you have to say! Thanks a lot! Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.

  4. @ Kanishk: Nodding my head to your views. I think the same too. :)


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