24 January, 2009


There are times when i feel seperated from the world i live in. This world has invisible walls which make me feel trapped at times. I feel like breaking through it then, i try to find ways to escape and i wish that i could be far away from the restrictions the world imposes on me...
I then realise, that in the end, I'm the one responsible for all that i feel and think. The outer element may just influence my thoughts but what i conclude from those 'influences' is upto me and is in my control.
Do i have the right then to blame the world? Or why should i blame anything at all? Just because i am confused doesn't mean that i can find fault with other things...

Fault finding is universal.. because we start seeing faults with ourselves and then this gradually extends to the outside world too... It then comes back to where it started from... It's a total cycle, we aren't even aware of this fact half the time.

If we start instead with accepting ourselves the way we are, just imagine - the world would be truly real. I know, i know - most would say that 'we already can see the real world', but this so called 'real' world seems 'fake.' This is why people aren't satisfied with the world.. they know that it is fake but they refuse to accept the truth.

However, the world with its zillions of people continue to progress - quite unhappily... Lets see how long this goes on.. There will be a change sometime soon... People will begin accepting things for what they are and will stop being self-blinded individuals.

15 January, 2009

The Good Thorns

There is so much to learn in life... i feel that we get to learn the most when we are surrounded by unpleasant situations...cuz its mostly at such times when we get to know our true CHARACTERS.

It is extremely tough at that time...to go through the pain of it all... but if we don't go through such experiences.. our life would stagnate... 

Sometimes, we avoid reality because we feel that we don't have the strength to face it... but if we learn to face reality, if we learn to face our weak areas, if we learn to confront our flaws and graciously admit our faults, life will be real.

Most of us escape from facing our true selves because it's not as nice as our fake identities are.
It differs from person to person... I'm learning to gradually face my true self. it's not so good as I thought it would be... but what the hell.. at least I'm learning more about my inner self.
Its kind of challenging and slightly difficult to accept your true self because... you've been conditioned to have other identities given to you by other people in your life. Some of us  ignore our faults, others may push them away while a few may try to overcome their weak areas by working on them.

Our life is like a road... we come across flowers and we also come across thorns. The flowers are quite temporary... but if you go near the thorns, you may get pricked, bruised and hurt.. but when you pass through those thorns, you will be more aware of how to go through the toughness of life and you will know how tough you are from - the Inside.

07 January, 2009

A walk through the 'Woods'

Our life is a journey. We face various episodes in this journey. One episode in my life is - coming to XIC [Xavier's Institute of Communications]. Being in XIC is like an un-dreamt dream come true. I never thought that I would one day be a part of this Institution. 

XIC has given a new dimension to life. It's not easy to describe the experience in words. The course has made me aware of the little details that constitute our lives. The assignments, though extremely frustrating at times, have helped me realise my potential, my qualities, my strengths and areas in which I can improve. They have also taught me about the way a team functions and works towards one goal.

There were times when we were utterly bored... we would crack insane jokes, doodle in our books or just sit there, our minds totally blank.. not knowing what was happening in class. Sometimes we were totally exhausted and our eyes would close despite all our valiant efforts to keep them open.. of course our droopy eyes won and we would nod off to sleep in class until a sharp jab from our neighbour would wake us.

This course has helped all of us develop and grow... it has given us the chance to accomplish things on our own and has made us THINK on our own. No spoon-feeding out here.

There are just around four months left for us to finish this roller-coaster course. XIC has given us a miniature view on the real world outside. We have learnt a lot over here... and we will learn more when we step out from here.